@iwaw45 عمل فني ومعرض مهم جداًو جديد للفنانة رنا ابراهيم، يسلط الاضواء على المأساة الانسانية و البيئة و الحيوانية في أهوار العراق ,رجاءً اطلعوا و شاركوا مع الجميع ، و نتمنى زيارتكم لنا 🤗#انقذوا_أهوار_العراق #Save_Iraqi_Marshes @Iraqi Women Art and War (IWAW) @Iraqi Women Art and War (IWAW) thank you to #Ashmolean team #المرأة_العراقية_الفن_و_الحرب ♬ original sound - Iraqi Women Art and War (IWAW)

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@iwaw45 Great news 🗞️👉🏻Today and coming days I will be busy putting together the exhibition “Of Ordinary Things” to be open in December for few months @Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum SOFO 😅 #المراة_العراقية_الفن_و_الحرب ♬ original sound - Iraqi Women Art and War (IWAW)

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Rana Ibrahim is an Iraqi archaeologist, a freelance artist and the founder of Iraqi Women Art and War (IWAW) project. She is currently working with Iraqi women based in Oxfordshire, mapping Iraqi women and helping them capture their oral stories of war survival through art. The project will culminate in a new exhibition, ‘Of Ordinary Things’, which will be exhibited online via IWAW website and exhibited physically at the Museum of Oxford later in 2021. Rana has MA Museum Studies from Newcastle University in 2009, and works with GLAM at the University of Oxford, and recently worked at History of Science Museum, as a Collection Project Officer and part of a project team called Multaka Oxford. IWAW project started in 2021 welcoming vulnerable women from different background to join them.

Arabic & Islamic event & Handling objects activity Introduction to Arabic and Islamic • Customs and Cultures • Calligraphy & Patterns • Guided tour in both languages Arabic and English • School visit introduction to Islamic Religion • Arabic Club running for children in Museum and School Design and deliver activities/events to all range of groups. • Family Friendly Event • Design Families Games • Outreach Projects